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DIGIPASS - Strong User Authentication & e-Signature Client Devices


VASCO DIGIPASS provides strong user authentication and e-signatures and is compatible with more than 50 international vendors for e-commerce, e-banking, e-networking and e-government applications.

Our DIGIPASS Programmer allows DIGIPASS integrators to program DIGIPASS themselves, whenever and as often as they like. It supports the DIGIPASS family members and bypasses the need for highly qualified programmers.



DIGIPASS Software: products in this group run on existing non-VASCO platforms such as PCs, mobile phones, netbooks etc. Build around its cornerstone, the DIGIPASS API, the Digipass Software group contains DIGIPASS for Web (full browser), DIGIPASS for Mobile (for handheld devices), DIGIPASS for Windows (desktop application) and Virtual DIGIPASS (Server-Side generated OTP).

Re-using an existing device brings DIGIPASS two-factor authentication and e-signature functionalities in everyone's pocket.

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Products in this group provide a global solution based on digital signatures for authentication and e-transaction. This solution is PKI-based and fully interoperable with common PKI standards adopted worldwide.

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Products in this range are single button, small, easy-to-use, carry and deploy devices for remote use. They support strong authentication with one-time passwords calculated from algorithms using time and/or event counts.

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DIGIPASS e-Signature

Products in this group are VASCO specific hardware platforms devices with numeric keypads and PIN protection and e-Signature.

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Products in this group include connected and unconnected models. DIGIPASS Readers combine secret values, which are stored in the smart cards, with DIGIPASS algorithms pre-programmed into the DIGIPASS reader, which also provides the user interface. These products optimise investment in smart card technology by extending smart card use to include one-time passwords and electronic signatures.

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