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Wachovia Bank - Provides Financial Services to Both Consumers and Corporations

Published 04 January 2010 | By Sterling Commerce

Wachovia consolidated its file transfer process onto one solution using Sterling products.

As one of the largest banks in the nation and the 38th largest company in the world, Wachovia Bank provides financial services to both consumers and corporations. With more than a half-trillion dollars in assets, its global business includes a growing volume of data exchange with an increasing number of organisations.

Business challenge

Like other financial institutions, Wachovia Bank faces an ever-increasing deluge of digitised data. Tom McLaughlin, senior vice president with Wachovia Bank, said the data is growing exponentially.

"We're moving more images and just about every document type you can imagine," he said. "The file transfer challenges brought on by this growing volume of data are further complicated because the data moves to and from disparate platforms via multiple protocols."

Wachovia Bank currently handles approximately 350,000 external and 850,000 internal data transmissions each month. The bank must ensure both the data and network are secure, while meeting service-level commitments to its partners.

Since Wachovia Bank's file transfer infrastructure must keep pace with its business objectives, the bank needed a single platform solution that would centralise the file transfer process, improve security, improve customer service and accommodate a rapidly growing volume of digital file transfers.


Sterling Commerce recommended that Wachovia Bank consolidate the file transfer process onto its Connect:® products, including Connect:Enterprise® and Connect:Direct®. Connect Control Center™ will be implemented in 2006.

Connect:Enterprise serves as Wachovia Bank's single management system for file transfer and handles all protocols. Connect:Enterprise also helps the bank improve its customer service because it automatically collects, distributes and manages all data efficiently and effectively. This means the bank consistently achieves goals in service-level agreements with partners.

In addition, it also enables the bank to adapt and scale its file transfer infrastructure easily to meet the increasing volume and number of file transmissions, as well as to incorporate evolving technologies. For example, the bank has sustained a 24 percent aggregate growth rate in transmissions over the years and has incorporated several new protocols to its communications suite.

"We can put in bigger boxes and additional protocols as needed," McLaughlin said. "The biggest benefit is the ability to manage a very wide sphere of communication protocols without changing the file transfer management infrastructure or the back-end interface. We can snap protocols into the front end and manage everything behind that the same way. This means we’re more efficient and can respond quickly by having repeatable processes."

Connect:Direct provides security and manageability of the bank's internal transmissions among more than 600 servers, multiple mainframes and midrange systems that run various applications supporting its lines of business. Connect:Direct also enables Wachovia Bank to compress files, which shortens the transmission time and eases the stress on the network. Its Checkpoint restart component lets the bank save time on large file transfers if an abnormal end (abend) occurs. The bank also relies on Connect:Direct to facilitate file transfers with partners that also run Connect:Direct.

Once Connect Control Center is implemented, it will help the bank meet service-level commitments by centralising the monitoring and managing of all dispersed Connect:Direct nodes. In addition, it will improve customer service by delivering alerts from those nodes into a centralized help desk.

Key benefits

The Sterling Commerce family of Connect: products enable Wachovia Bank to maintain its leadership position in the market by providing the centralised management needed for file transmission. This centralised file transfer platform has led to lower unit costs per transmission and lower defect rates per transmission. The bank's staff productivity has improved (as measured by the number of transmissions per employee), as has the bank’s ability to meet service-level commitments and its transmission abend rates.

"The Sterling Commerce solution enabled us to centralise the bank's file transfer processes by using a reliable technology that was protocol and platform agnostic," McLaughlin said. "As a result, as the bank continues to expand, it can better accommodate the increasing volume of data that travels across the network and ensure that the network itself stays secure."