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Intereuropa Group - The Leading Supplier of Logistics Services in Slovenia and South Eastern Europe

Published 04 January 2010 | By Sterling Commerce

Faster onboarding of customers accelerates revenue growth

Intereuropa Group is the leading supplier of logistics services in Slovenia and South Eastern Europe. Intereuropa offers complete logistics solutions in the field of land transport, sea freight and air freight, as well as a range of terminal, customs and forwarding services reliant on speed, safety and fair pricing.

The company provides global logistical support for the flow of goods through its extensively developed services for large cargo and piece consignments and its widespread network of branch offices and partner alliances, founded on a solid infrastructure.

In 2005, Intereuropa's primary challenge resided with onboarding and acquiring new customers, which it identified as a critical means to maintain and grow revenue streams. At that time, the company was engaged with three different electronic data interchange (EDI) providers, each working in association with a separate business entity. Each time Intereuropa wanted to add a new customer, they had to consult with the EDI providers, who charged a fee for document translation. In addition, each provider used different standards that did not allow for uniformity among business documents.

At the same time, the company was under tremendous pressure from customers to exchange documents via the EDIFACT standard. This pressure, coupled with an increasing number of documents from the existing customer base and a company-wide goal of acquiring new customers, led Intereuropa to evaluate their current EDI situation.

Intereuropa was faced with two options: select one of the existing EDI providers to manage the data translation for all of its divisions, or create an in-house solution that would provide better control of data exchange and visibility into its customers' business processes in order to improve customer satisfaction.


To support the company's strategy for revenue growth through customer onboarding and acquisition, Intereuropa elected to develop an in-house solution. This would provide the most costeffective platform to optimise customer service levels, as well as onboard any customer, regardless of data format.

Following their decision to develop an in-house solution, Intereuropa selected Sterling Integrator from Sterling Commerce, as proposed by TIS Group. With headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia and offices in Maribor, Slovenia, TIS is a leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) in the region, developing solutions based on its portfolio of products and by collaborating with partners such as Sterling Commerce.

Sterling Integrator provides a single point of visibility and management to ensure that supply chain issues do not impact upon the customer experience. For example, Sterling Integrator supports multiple standards, including EDIFACT, XML and AS2, which enables Intereuropa to onboard customers across a diverse set of data formats and integration capabilities. By automating data exchange, customers are onboarded quickly and easily, and errors associated with manual processing are eliminated.

Not only does Sterling Integrator expand connectivity for Intereuropa to its customers, it also integrates and automates critical internal and external systems and processes. Now, Intereuropa can exchange multiple business documents internally and externally in real-time, including summaries of shipments, shipment status, price lists, delivery notices and delivery confirmation, as well as corporate reports. This reduces cycle times and improves the customer experience.

In the second phase of project roll-out, Intereuropa will implement Sterling Integrator Web Extensions in order to provide its customers with a logistics interface. Here, customers will be able to retrieve a unique number to track their shipment via the Internet, thereby allowing them visibility into the freight process so that they can plan accordingly with their own customers.

Key benefits

Sterling Integrator enables Intereuropa to onboard any customer regardless of data format, quickly and easily. As a result, Intereuropa is able to onboard very large and demanding customers in the same amount of time that it used to take to onboard small customers. Sterling Integrator has also opened up new revenue opportunities for Intereuropa, as the company is now able to acquire customers with which they were previously unable to perform data exchanges.

The solution also provides Intereuropa with greater visibility into the exchange of information with its customers. So, Intereuropa is more flexible and adaptable in meeting customer demands, thereby improving the quality of service they provide. Ultimately, this has enabled them to improve the customer experience, and increase customer satisfaction.

Finally, Intereuropa has quickly realized the benefits of their Sterling Commerce solution. Prior to implementation, Intereuropa was accumulating costs payable to the multiple EDI providers with each customer acquisition. With Sterling Integrator, Intereuropa has achieved significant cost savings, which, when combined with an increase in overall efficiency gained as a result of the integration of internal applications, has enabled Intereuropa to achieve a return on investment (ROI) in less than one year.