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Cedacri - A Leading Provider of IT Services in Italy for the Banking and Financial Sectors

Published 04 January 2010 | By Sterling Commerce

Cedacri enhances performance and productivity through improved systems interoperability.

Cedacri is a leading provider of IT services in Italy for the banking and financial sectors. The company's core business is to provide outsourcing solutions to key vertical markets. In addition, Cedacri offers facility management, disaster recovery and business continuity services, and the company collaborates with banking institutions to develop market-leading IT system solutions.

Cedacri is a public limited company owned by 25 banks. In 2008, Cedacri had a group turnover of €256 million resulting from the provision of services to over 150 clients, including 70 credit institutions utilising Cedacri's complete outsourcing solution. With over 31.5 million transactions managed each day, and network connections to 2,700 ATMs and to over 30,000 bank employees that use its technology, Cedacri operates one of the main data centres used by the banks in Italy.

Business challenge

Cedacri required a solution that would enable the company to exchange data and transfer files across the group's business units. Previously, each business unit had developed its own applications using products that were no longer supported or that no longer met the current needs of the business. Cedacri was also using different solutions to drive data traffic across diverse private and public networks.

Cedacri needed to centralise and integrate its systems onto a single platform, enabling it to exchange transaction data and formal documents and certificates with all external organisations regardless of their systems environment. These organisations include bank offices and branches, and third-party suppliers of data and market information. Finally, the solution needed to provide external users with a single service connection to Cedacri's operations, supported by secure and robust process management of all incoming and outgoing business data. Cedacri needed an automated process management solution that would check data movement authorisations, validate data content and apply intelligent routing to distinguish and direct different types of transmission. This requirement alone posed a business-critical challenge to the company, as data exchanges with clients and partners are constantly evolving, growing in volume and becoming more complex.


Sterling Business Integration Suite has enabled Cedacri to centralise and integrate its systems onto a single platform. As part of the Suite, Cedacri implemented Sterling Integrator to provide a single business-to-business integration solution that would enable them to exchange data and transfer files across the group's business units, and with external partners.

After an extensive review, Cedacri selected Sterling Integrator as it was the best solution in the market to meet all of the project objectives. "Working together with Sterling Commerce, we conducted a study to best configure Sterling Integrator to satisfy our requirements. We already had some previous experience with Sterling Integrator and were using some of its functionality in our business," explains Gildo Passera, Head of Technology and Service Provision for Cedacri. "We were confident that Sterling Integrator could solve the exact problem we were facing as it provided us with a single, integration solution to manage all of our data exchanges, both internally and with partners."

First, Cedacri standardised all of its processes before migrating its operations that were previously performed by high-maintenance custom applications. Now, several thousand files are transferred daily during operations between Cedacri and its partners, underpinned by Sterling Integrator as the main platform for data exchange.

The solution is supported by Sterling Commerce Connect:Direct, a managed file transfer solution that is also part of the Sterling Business Integration Suite. Connect:Direct is used to distribute high file volumes securely across Cedacri's data centre internal platforms, as well as with partners. In addition, Cedacri has also developed a custom module with Sterling Commerce that enables clients to fully automate the sending and receiving of data to and from the Data Centre.

Key benefits

Sterling Business Integration Suite has allowed Cedacri to successfully achieve significant advances in data processing integration. Added benefits that are particularly valuable in daily data movement operations include the solution's accurate and reliable data routing capabilities, comprehensive data security utilities and data standards translation features. By "knocking down the mainframe wall", Cedacri has gained tremendous improvements in internal operating efficiency, and as a result, has enhanced its performance and productivity levels across the organisation. The company has also achieved a rapid return on investment.

Finally, the solution has provided the flexibility and scalability that has enabled Cedacri to leverage their existing IT infrastructure. Passera concludes "Looking to the future, it is critical that Cedacri remains flexible and adaptable as the market evolves and our customers' needs grow. Sterling Commerce fully understood our business requirements right from the beginning and has proved to be a valuable partner to our business. We are confident that Sterling Business Integration Suite will fulfill our future requirements and support our future activities in the banking sector."