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Bank of China Limited - One of the Four Largest Commercial Banks in China

Published 04 January 2010 | By Sterling Commerce

Bank of China Invests in Comprehensive Data Transmission Platform

Bank of China Limited is one of the four largest commercial banks in China. Headquartered in Beijing, it has more than 10,000 domestic branches and sub-branches, as well as the most extensive international network among commercial banks in the country.

Business challenge

In an effort to consolidate, synchronise, and transmit files from its data centre to various branches in an accurate, timely, and secure manner, the Bank of China needed to implement a proper data management and transmission platform.

The Bank's current infrastructure was unable to connect different data sources comprehensively. For example, data was successfully gathered in the Beijing data center but couldn't be channeled downstream to the different branches and banking centers. Therefore, the Bank needed a data platform that would fit within the current IT infrastructure, meet all regulatory requirements, and ensure security.

There were several guidelines the new platform had to follow. First, it had to ensure data transmission accuracy. In addition, it had to allocate a fixed time for synchronization among various business tools, thus dovetailing with the Bank's existing infrastructure. Second, it had to provide scalability; thereby ensuring reports could be generated from massive amounts of data without affecting processing time. It is absolutely vital that the bank generate data reports efficiently, despite growing data volumes. For instance, one week's worth of data could be 80G, but by month's end, it might accumulate to 200G. Third, the new system had to ensure the Bank's data centers would receive data from all branches in a timely, accurate, and systematic way, as well as comply with regulatory requirements. Customers' banking and transactions details had to remain secure and confidential.


Headed by Madam Cai Jin, Bank of China began its quest for a new file transport platform by gathering compliance requirements from all branches in China and overseas. The amount of data involved was daunting, and no other bank in China had ever undertaken such an endeavor. Since such a system is not possible to develop in-house, the Bank appointed Sterling Commerce to find a solution.

Sterling Commerce recommended Connect:Direct, part of our Managed File Transfer Suite. Sterling Managed File Transfer is a suite of products that provide transmission services, management/monitoring, security, automation/integration and SLA management for enterprise data transmissions. This solution enables you to deliver higher levels of service, manage your growth, and remove the risk of security breaches for all the file transfers that drive your business. This point-to-point file transfer software is designed for secure, high volume delivery of files within and between enterprises, and is used throughout financial institutions worldwide. It provides automation and scheduling for unattended operations, delivers management and security.

Connect:Direct met every guideline requested by the bank. First, it ensures data transmission accuracy. It successfully allocates specific times for synchronisation and unites with the Bank's current technology. Second, Connect:Direct provides scalability according to the Bank's needs. It handles growing data volumes without affecting the processing time. Third, Connect:Direct ensures the Bank can send and receive data from all branches securely and accurately, while also complying with regulatory requirements. Its proprietary and secure protocol has never been breached. Connect:Direct also provides a complete audit trail of data movement through extensive statistics logs.

Connect:Direct ensures secure data delivery to the right destination within the right time frame. Therefore, the receiving application can process and act upon the data consistently—day after day, and year after year. The Bank of China is the first in the country's financial services industry to use Connect:Direct as a best practice in file transfer. It's also important to note that the entire project, headed by Madam Cai Jin, has received high praise from the Bank's Chairman, Mr. Qiao Gan, and CEO, Mr. Li Li Hui. They commended the project team for managing the system so well, given the magnitude of the task, lack of resources, and short time line. They believe the new system can tackle the challenges of today and the future.