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Goldsmith Williams - CyberTech Recording Solutions Set Legal Precedent

Published 04 August 2010 | By CyberTech

As one of the country's leading law firms, Goldsmith Williams has long recognised the virtue of call recording, primarily for compliance, training and monitoring purposes and in some cases dispute resolution, but especially for enhancing its service to its clients.

Initially Goldsmith Williams had installed a basic, DVD-based system, which, while it served the purpose of recording all calls into and out of their premises, was cumbersome to use, and time-consuming to obtain copies of recorded calls. They then upgraded to an offline facility where calls were recorded and archived to an offline data storage provider, via a web portal.

With the growth in operating remotely, use of the internet, email, and telephone, Goldsmith Williams re-evaluated their voice recording provision. It was decided to invest in an up-to-date, state-of-the-art system that would not only satisfy existing legal requirements, but offer enhanced capabilities to future-proof the solution.

The decision

When the investment required for the proposed solution from CyberTech was calculated, it became apparent that for Goldsmith Williams the cost of ownership was going to be less than the ongoing expenditure on their existing voice recorder. This was because regulatory directives now require them to store their voice recordings and associated data for six years. Using their existing infrastructure, this would have involved significant monthly expenditure to the offline data storage provider, whereas using the CyberTech solution permitted them to take advantage of the plentiful network storage already provided by their IT department.

The solution

Having evaluated the market, a CyberTech Pro call recording platform was selected and configured to record:

  • 60 trunk channels, E1
  • Eight channels extension side to record reception calls
  • 20 channels VoIP to record SIP trunks (used as fall-back in the event of ISDN failure)

Taking advantage of the unique open architecture of CyberTech solutions, Goldsmith Williams chose to provide their own server hardware and storage, to benefit from their existing relationship with their IT supplier. In addition, the solution allows encryption of the recorded calls and provides a full audit trail of access to those calls.


As with all CyberTech solutions, an unlimited number of free playback licences were made available, but to support quality assessment of the calls, this was augmented with an enterprise licence for the Evaluate application.

As Goldsmith Williams' client interactions move increasingly to a distance model, call-handling performance becomes key in the clients' perception of the organisation with which they are doing business. Goldsmith Williams is committed to client satisfaction and increasing the total call experience delivered. Based on this, it was a logical step to introduce the Evaluate application. Evaluate, which operates seamlessly with the CyberTech replay application, allows criteria-based selection of calls to be made available for a quality audit team to assess. Used within a quality culture, with appropriate processes for the identification of weakness and provision of remedial action, this tool can have an extremely positive effect on call handling standards.

Key Benefits

Amongst the benefits derived from use of the CyberTech solutions are:


The purchase and ongoing costs of the new recorder from CyberTech, including the Evaluate licence, are actually less than the costs of retaining and upgrading the existing solution.

Immediate clarification

Since the recording solution provides an unlimited playback facility which requires no client software, other than the Internet Explorer browser, every supervisor has been given access to their call-handler's calls. This has proved invaluable in clarification of who said what to whom, since a call can be recovered, emailed to the call-handler and played back to a client while they are on the line. This is good from a customer service perspective, but also improves efficiency.


Through use of the evaluate facility, it has been possible to precisely target training to those individuals who will benefit most from it, rather than blanket training the entire workforce. This makes the training activity far more efficient.

The voice recorder in operation

As James Flaherty, head of ICT, remarked: "In use, the CyberTech recording solution has proved to be much more user-friendly than the previous recorder, and we now have greater control over the call-recordings that have been made, with flexible access criteria for call recovery. It has provided us with a platform to enhance our services to our clients and monitor the quality of our interaction with them, as we are now in a position to be able to listen to a proportion of calls of a handler, and score them. The feedback from the users is that the solution is excellent."